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To utilize the AIMS Platform API, it's essential to have a valid authentication key. This key is used to verify the identity of the user or system making the request and to ensure it has the necessary permissions to access the resources.

Obtaining Authentication Key

To obtain an authentication key, you will need to send an email to Your key will be bound to one or more IP addresses that you specify. If a request is made from an IP that is not associated with the authentication key, a generic authentication error will be returned.

Authentication Key Security

It is crucial to keep your authentication key confidential.

  • Do not include the key in code that will be publicly distributed.
  • Do not share the key with unauthorized third parties.

Changing and Revoking the Authentication Key

If for any reason you suspect that the security of your authentication key has been compromised, or you need to change the associated IP, you can:

  1. Send an email to to manage the change.

If your authentication key is compromised, take immediate action to secure your account and data.

How to Use the Authentication Key

The authentication key should be provided by setting the Authorization HTTP header when making a request to the AIMS Platform API.

Example Authorization Header


By using this authentication method, make sure you are complying with all the recommended security practices to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your authentication key.


For any additional queries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the technical support team by sending an email to